Bryce Woodlands News

May 2019

May 2018


Property Owners on the East end of Bryce Woodlands Drive have done much work removing certain dead trees, trimming and clean-up of ground cover on their property.  This area is much improved in terms of fire protection.

Several other lots in different units of the subdivision have also been treated by lot owners.  It is expected from conversations with the land owners that much more clearing will be accomplished this year.  There are several contractors offering clean-up activities.  Please check with Erich Bretthauer II for names and phone numbers of contractors.

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands furnishes a form “NATIONAL FIRE PLAN – IN KIND DOLLARS,” for you to list all hours of work.  If you hired someone to remove dead trees or reduce the fuel load on your property, please save the receipt and send a copy along with the form so you can use it as “IN KIND” expenses.  This will count towards a grant for Bryce Woodland Estates.  Federal grant money needs to be matched by work performed by land/home owners.  Forms are available from Sharlene Bretthauer at the Sales Office, and when completed can be dropped off at the Sales Office.


Fiber optic telephone cable is planned to be installed to service cabins at Bryce Woodlands starting in about three months.  The service may substantially improve service in some areas.  For more information, call South Central Communications @ 888-826-4211 or email


There are power lines, water mains and fiber optic cable buried beneath many of the roads in Bryce Woodlands.  It is imperative that the lines be located before digging.  If a fiber cable is cut, the costs to the responsible party could be thousands of dollars.  Only appropriate licensed contractors are allowed to excavate in the streets and only licensed contractors approved by Lion’s Head Property Owners’ Association are allowed to excavate for water connections. Call Blue Stakes two business days before you intend to dig at 1-800-662-4111.


James G. Payne, Jr., August 5, 1939 – March 31, 2019     Jim Payne died peacefully in Las Vegas surrounded by his wife and his sons after fighting his battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. He and his family bought a cabin at Bryce Woodlands in the 60’s.  Jim loved hiking the mountain, feeding the birds & animals around his cabin, and entertaining friends with his guitar and singing bluegrass & county songs.  He also loved to cook chili and never missed a chance to participate in Bryce Woodlands Chili Cook-off.  A Celebration of Life will be held at Bryce Woodlands in mid-summer. His final resting place will be among the mountains of Utah where his ashes will be scattered.  


 A meeting was held to discuss setting up a fire council and a few projects were discussed.  The projects involve continuation of work completed over the past 15 years, such as cleaning right of ways on ingress and egress roads.  Also, one or two wood chipping days was proposed   A plan to obtain and install a few street signs was discussed.  The Utah State Division of Forestry and Kane County will be assisting in implementing the councils recommendations.  For questions contact Bevan Killpack @ 435-862-6158.


The Utah Division of Forestry continued it’s earlier efforts to construct a fuel break on the south side of the property by cutting and stacking dead or excess Pinion & Juniper trees.

The Division also burned piles which were cut and stacked in 2016 in the fuel break as well as piles that lot owners stacked.  It is important to check on the proper stacking of these piles for a complete burn.  For further information contact John Smith at 435-819-4408.


Construction was begun on three new homes and a large addition was completed on an existing home in 2017.The construction was done in three ways.  (1) A Utah general contractor is hired to perform all of the construction.  (2) A contractor is hired to do the foundation and framing and the home-owner does the remainder or hires subcontractors to conduct certain tasks, such as plumbing & electrical work.  (3) The owner performs 100% of the construction.  He must have a set of plans prepared by a licensed Utah engineer or architect and must be approved by Kane County.  Construction plans in Unit 6F must also be approved by Lion’s Head Property Owners Association.  Fire resistant siding and decking are being incorporated into most of the new construction as well as modifications to existing homes.  Construction materials have come a long way over the past few years.  Wood-like imitations in a wide variety of colors are now available  When searching, look for Hardy Board Siding and Trex Decking.  High efficiency windows are especially important due to extreme weather conditions in the mountains. Defensive space is common to and required in new construction.  Basements are also common in most of the new construction.


We often witness deer, turkey and elk at Bryce Woodlands.  Last year, several of our residents also witnessed 3 brown bear in September.  Sighting of bear are quite unusual at Bryce Woodlands, especially three at a time. There was a great deal of interest of residents and visitors at Bryce Woodlands about the bears.  Staff from the Utah Division of Wildlife were quick to arrive and to discuss the matter.  The discussion was very interesting and much appreciated.  Most of the homeowners were happy to take picture and enjoy the wildlife.


There is a snowmobile parking area just West of Bryce Woodland Estates Unit 6F.  Snowmobile and trailers may be parked in this area October 15 through May 15. Parking of snowmobile and/or trailers and ALL other vehicles is strictly prohibited at any other period.  Vehicles parked in this area in other times of the year will be towed at owners expense.


Although we often do not wish to think of our occasional need for medical care, when we do, we usually want quality care as soon as possible.  Garfield Memorial Hospital is located in Panguitch, UT, which is about 29 miles from Bryce Woodlands.  The hospital offers emergency care as well as a clinic for treating non-emergencies.  The hospital is operated by Intermountain Health Care, a large well respected operator of 10 other hospital in Utah.  The hospital has a staff of over 100 people, including physicians, physician assistants and nurses.  Specialists such as dermatologists, audiologists, cardiovascular and orthopedic physicians also visit the hospital on a regular basis to provide services. The hospital has provided emergency care through the associated EMT’s at Bryce Woodlands over the past few years.

The information is subject to the possibility of errors and omissions. No guarantees, warranties or representations are made as to its accuracy. You and your legal council should conduct your own investigation of the property.